The Value Of Our Attorney Referral Program

We regularly assist law firms of all sizes in handling litigation and other matters. We work with referring firms (whom we call referral partners) as both lead and supporting counsel. We are fortunate to have long-standing relationships with many firms, several of which are among the largest in the United States.

A referral partner is valued as much as our own clients. At the core of the arrangement is our unwavering protection of the referral partner’s relationship with their client. We maintain regular contact with the referral partner so that they are, at all times, fully aware of the status of a matter. We treat a referral partner as the ultimate owner of the client relationship. Our role is to help our referral partners provide even better service to their clients.

Our referral relationships are a two-way street. Given the breadth of our practice, we have opportunities to refer work in many niche areas. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might work with you and your law firm.