Helping Clients Understand Their Rights As Owners And Tenants

Real estate litigation is an area of law that affects almost everyone. Business and residential property owners and tenants face real estate law issues every day.

Those who rely on real estate litigation lawyers to handle their complex legal needs include:

  • Renters
  • Homeowners
  • Builders
  • Lenders
  • Developers
  • Commercial and residential landlords
  • Brokers
  • Agents
  • Financial institutions
  • Owner associations
  • Telecommunication carriers

The Philadelphia real estate litigation lawyers at Harty Law Group offer creative, innovative strategies to represent and counsel their clients. The experienced team of knowledgeable real estate litigation lawyers at the firm combine technology and high-pressured litigation to protect their clients’ legal rights and to afford them the opportunity to seek the justice they deserve. No case is too small or too complex for the firm.

Providing An Array Of Real Estate Litigation Services

Real estate law is complex and multifaceted. The needs of clients range from small claims to major disputes that can cost thousands and even millions of dollars.

The Harty Law Group offers a comprehensive array of services in all areas of real estate litigation, including:

  • Construction defect claims
  • Purchase and sale agreements and disputes
  • Joint ownership disputes, including partnerships and ownership groups
  • Title litigation and adverse possession claims
  • Real estate covenant disputes
  • Easement disputes
  • Representation of manufactured home parks and home marinas
  • Real estate brokerage claims
  • Commercial and residential lease disputes, including landlord’s and tenant’s rights
  • Evictions and eviction defense
  • Judicial and nonjudicial foreclosures and wrongful foreclosure actions
  • Receiverships and bankruptcy litigation
  • Lien disputes
  • Eminent domain and condemnation
  • Title insurance claims
  • Local government compliance proceedings
  • Environmental disputes
  • Franchise-related real estate matters
  • Land use litigation
  • Warranty claims

Commitment To Efficient Service And Aggressive Representation

The attorneys and staff at Harty Law Group are committed to providing clients with efficient service and aggressive representation, whether they are a small residential landlord or tenant, or the owners of a multicomplex commercial property. No client is too small, and no issue is too complicated.

The commitment to technology enables the real estate attorneys at Harty Law Group to stay a step ahead of the competition. The advanced knowledge of technology and astute skills among the firm’s attorneys and staff provide clients with the quickest, most reliable and most efficient information available.

Clients receive professional, high-quality service that is geared to their individual needs. Flexibility and reliability are synonymous with the firm’s reputation. Whatever the issue is, the team is committed to personalizing service and building a plan that serves their needs most efficiently.

Understanding The Real Estate Litigation Process

Mediation and settlement agreements are the least stressful and least expensive approaches to litigation. In cases that cannot be settled or mediated successfully, representation in a court of law may be necessary. The high-pressure litigation skills acquired by the attorneys at Harty Law Group through their extensive experience provide the best chance of a quick and successful outcome. The team works diligently and collaboratively to ensure the best possible resolution to every case they handle.

The Harty Law Group is experienced with litigation at all levels, including federal, state and local courts. The firm has handled cases resulting in settlements and awards from hundreds of thousands of dollars to multiple millions.

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