Preliminary And Permanent Injunctions: An Overview

When another company is taking advantage of your business, you have rights. This can include using a trademark, participating in fraudulent business practices and using intellectual property. Harty Williams has worked with clients throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Delaware and New York. With extensive knowledge in preliminary or permanent injunctions, we can discuss the potential solutions for the infringement you are facing.

What Is The Difference Between The Two?

When another company is intentionally taking a part of your business, a preliminary injunction can get this to stop. The court can issue an order that forces the other party to cease any actions harming your business. Both parties are called to court where they may present their case. As your legal representatives, we will do our best to advocate on your behalf. These injunctions are not taken lightly, and they require an experienced lawyer to get the job done.

A permanent injunction can result in damages or equitable relief. Damages are meant to compensate the business owner for the harm they have suffered. Equitable relief is when the court forces the other party to stop what they are doing permanently. These cases can be notoriously difficult because there are many possible solutions. The goal of both injunctions is to protect you and your business. Our attorneys will not shy away from a challenge, no matter how complex your case may be.

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