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In an industry as complex and as frequently litigated as construction, having an attorney who is both skilled and experienced is necessary to protect your rights. At Harty Williams, we offer sophisticated legal counsel and services tailored to the unique challenges of business and construction litigation. Our attorneys possess the courtroom prowess to help you with your most critical disputes.

We take on long, intricate cases, often involving high-stakes litigation, and have a proven track record of securing substantial settlements and verdicts for our clients. We never back down from a challenge, whether negotiating outside the courtroom or advocating for you in trial. Serving clients across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., we are your steadfast allies in construction litigation nationwide.

What Is Construction Litigation?

Construction litigation encompasses a broad range of disputes that can arise before, during, or after the completion of a construction project. These issues require a litigation team that understands the intricacies of the construction industry and can effectively navigate its challenges.

Contract and payment disputes

These disputes arise when parties disagree on the terms of a construction contract or when payment for services rendered is delayed, withheld or contested. Common issues may include the interpretation of contract language, nonperformance, underperformance or disagreements on the quality of work completed. Ensuring that contracts are clear, detailed and fair to all parties can help prevent these disputes.

Delay claims

Construction projects are often tightly scheduled, and any delays can be costly. Delay claims occur when one party believes another is responsible for an unanticipated postponement, resulting in financial loss. Fighting these claims may involve scrutinizing project timelines, assessing responsibility for the delays and calculating the associated costs.

Change order disputes

A change order is an amendment to the construction contract to authorize additional work, change the scope or alter the agreed-upon terms. Disputes can happen when there is disagreement over the necessity, cost or impact of these changes. Clear communication and documentation are vital in managing and preventing these disputes.

Scope of work disputes

These disputes center around what work was agreed upon in the contract versus what was actually performed. If one party believes that additional work was done that warrants extra compensation, or if there is a difference of opinion on what the contract encompasses, a dispute may arise.

Insurance claims

With the use of heavy machinery, construction sites are prone to accidents and damages, leading to insurance claims. Disputes may arise regarding the extent of coverage, whether the incident is covered under the policy or the value of the claim.

Property damage

This type of dispute arises when construction work results in damage to someone’s personal property. The property owner may seek compensation for repairs or replacement. These disputes require a thorough investigation to determine the cause, extent of damage and liability.

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