Your Advocates In Business Divorce And Partnership Disputes

When the future of your business is on the line, and you face the daunting prospect of separating from a business partner, our Philadelphia lawyers at Harty Williams are here to help protect your interests. We bring our formidable skills to the courtroom, approaching each case with the seriousness it deserves. Our attorneys thrive on the intricacies of long, complex cases, including high-stakes litigation that demands a strategic and determined mindset.

With a proven track record of securing substantial settlements and verdicts, we do not shy away from challenges, whether in or out of the courtroom. Serving clients nationwide, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., we are your steadfast representatives in partnership disputes.

What Exactly Is A Business Divorce

A business divorce occurs when business partners decide to go their separate ways. It can be as straightforward as selling a stake in the business or as involved as dissolving the entire enterprise. At Harty Williams, we understand that a business divorce is not just a legal process but a pivotal moment that can define your professional and personal life. We navigate the complexities of partnership disputes with precision and care, ensuring that your interests are fiercely protected and your business future is secured.

What Leads To A Business Divorce?

Partnership disputes can arise from a variety of sources, including conflicting visions for the company, disagreements on financial management or breaches of fiduciary duty. These disputes can escalate, requiring a formal separation of business interests. Our attorneys are adept at identifying the core issues and advocating for your interests, ensuring that the outcome of your business divorce aligns with your goals and expectations.

How Is Business Valuation Handled In Partnership Disputes?

During a partnership dispute, determining the value of your business is a critical step that can influence the outcome of a business divorce. Accurate and fair business valuation is essential to resolve the dispute equitably.

Our lawyers work with financial professionals to ascertain the true value of your business interests, forming the basis for a just and strategic resolution to your business divorce. In a business valuation, there are numerous factors considered, including growth history and potential, total assets, total liabilities and current and projected earnings.

What If We Do Not Have A Written Partnership Agreement?

Navigating a business divorce without a written partnership agreement presents unique challenges. In these cases, state laws and common business practices become even more significant. At Harty Williams, we will assess your situation thoroughly, advise you on the best course of action and represent your interests with unwavering dedication. Our goal is to achieve a resolution that protects your interests and helps you meet your goals.

Ready To Resolve Your Partnership Disputes?

If partnership disputes have led you to consider a business divorce, Harty Williams is here to support you. Contact us today by calling 267-383-3899 or by submitting an online contact form. Let us be your strategic partner in securing your business future.