What Legal Recourse Do I Have Against My Homeowners Association?

In subdivisions and planned neighborhoods, homeowners associations (HOA) establish and enforce rules and standards that keep communities clean, safe, and aesthetically appealing. To keep this mutual relationship running smoothly, residents are expected to pay regular dues and maintain their properties according to HOA guidelines. In turn, HOAs have their own obligations outlined in their governing… Read More »

Purchasing a Business in Bankruptcy

Purchasing a business out of bankruptcy can be risky. However, investing in a bankrupt business, when done correctly, can reap substantial rewards. Buyers of bankrupt businesses have the advantage of buying a business that is cheaper than starting from scratch, or one that is doing well. The business assets are sold free and clear of… Read More »

New Law Helps Small Business Owners

The Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 is an amendment of the Bankruptcy Code and Title 28 of the United States Code addressing small business reorganization. The Act will take effect in February 2020 and will streamline existing procedures for bankruptcy and allow small businesses to successfully restructure their organizations. The law prior to enactment… Read More »

Construction Defect Claims and Expert Witnesses

Construction defect claims are serious matters that can result in injuries and even death for workers and homeowners, and a loss of income for investors. Construction defects can occur in the design of a building, or in the materials and parts used to build it. With so much at stake, construction defect claims often involve… Read More »

Class Action Suit Accused Construction Company of Wage Theft

A Texas-based construction company is facing allegations of wage theft in a recently revived class action lawsuit, which was originally filed in 2014. The case was dismissed when the District Court granted a summary motion in favor of the company, but successfully appealed and reinstated in the spring of 2019. Employees and former employees of… Read More »

Settlement Reached in New Jersey Automotive Sales Fraud Cases

Three separate investigations involving alleged consumer fraud by several auto dealers and online retailer of automotive parts and accessories recently reached settlement. The cases involved complaints by consumers regarding misrepresentations of vehicle prices, dealer-installed options, aftermarket merchandise and contracts, falsifications of amounts paid by purchasers and false advertising of vehicles prices. The accused were investigated for violations… Read More »