Real Client Satisfaction

Loyalty is built on several factors, not the least of which is client satisfaction. In the absence of a complaint, an attorney may mistakenly assume their client is happy.  Regular check-ins with our clients are an integral part of our service model. As an attorney, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your… Read More »

Why Attorneys Need a Great Referral Network

Referring cases or matters to another firm shouldn’t mean putting your client relationship at risk. Getting a client is tough enough, and trusting another firm to handle a matter adds a layer of complexity that can be a challenge to manage. Common fears shared by many attorneys regarding referrals include: The matter may be mishandled;… Read More »

Client Communication in the Digital Age

Client communication at our firm is one of the most important aspects of the delivery of our service. While we love the use of technology in our practice, we don’t rely solely on email or messaging (and, we don’t use it at all if requested by a client). Our philosophy is that, with a few… Read More »