Spotify and Apple Antitrust Claim

Swedish audio streaming platform Spotify is the latest company to file an antitrust claim against technology giant, Apple, based on its alleged unfair business practices. Spotify and Apple Music are two major players in the music streaming industry, which allows music listeners instant access to music on their mobile devices. Spotify provides music streaming services… Read More »

Protection of Intellectual Property From Infringement

Intellectual property rights are rights in intangibles such as lyrics, writings, inventions, recipes and identifying marks. The holder of the rights can exclude others from using, selling or making the item that is the subject of the property right. Infringement of intellectual property involves a violation of the property holder’s rights. Philadelphia business lawyers at… Read More »

Pennsylvania Attorney General Sues Company for Failure to Keep a Promise

In November 2018, Verizon Communications Inc. launched a marketing campaign to induce customers to sign up or renew contracts for cell phone, television, and internet services for a two-year term. Customers were promised Amazon echo devices and/or Amazon Prime memberships if they kept their accounts active for at least 31 days. However, when customers tried… Read More »

Dissolving a Business Partnership

Entering into a business partnership can have many benefits. Partners can pool their knowledge, resources, and contacts to achieve their maximum potential. There may come a time, however, when partners need to go their separate ways. Whether amicable or contentious, the dissolution of a partnership can be complicated and must be handled with care. Withdrawal… Read More »

Elizabeth Holmes Accused of Fraud

Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos, has been indicted on charges of conspiracy and wire fraud for allegedly deceiving countless investors out of millions of dollars. The Stanford University dropout is accused of manipulating investors, doctors, and patients into jumping on her bandwagon to support and test an innovative blood testing device that she… Read More »

Minority Shareholder Rights

A minority shareholder is someone that owns less than 50 percent of a corporation’s stock. A minority shareholder does not exercise control over the corporation, but has interests that are subject to legal protection. The laws governing minority shareholders vary depending on the state, but aim to protect their legal rights and business interests. Majority… Read More »