What Should I Expect When My Business Faces a Lawsuit?

A business owner may face a lawsuit during the course of their business due to disgruntled employees, unsatisfied customers, or competitors.  Common business lawsuits involve partnership disputes, contract disputes, employment litigation, insurance coverage, and judgment liens. As a business owner, threat of litigation is almost a certainty. Because lawsuits are expensive and drain a company’s… Read More »

Balancing Majority and Minority Shareholder Rights

The health of a company can be jeopardized due to litigation between majority and minority shareholders. The shareholders holding most shares in the corporation are called majority shareholders while minority shareholders own less than 50 percent of the company’s outstanding shares. Since the majority exercise greater control over the company, minority shareholders often feel underrepresented… Read More »

Preliminary and Permanent Injunctions

A court may order a party to conduct a specific action or prohibit it through an injunction. An injunction is an equitable remedy. The party who requests an injunction must indicate that there are no other legal remedies available. Courts, when issuing injunctions, must assure that the subjected party’s due process rights have not been… Read More »

Common Types of Disputes Involving Complex Trusts

Often, disappointment over how a will is drawn or distributed to heirs is cause for disputes in complex trusts. Trust administration includes navigating sensitive family dynamics, further complicating resolution of disputes.  The disappointed heirs may not be able to resolve conflict with the administrators or other beneficiaries resulting in litigation. In fact, a large portion… Read More »

Wawa’s Consumer Data Breached Triggering Lawsuits

Wawa, the operator of over 850 convenience stores, is facing a potential class action lawsuit over consumer data breach. Wawa is accused of failing to adequately prevent hackers from installing malware on its computer systems. Currently, there are several lawsuits seeking class-action status filed in Pennsylvania federal courts. These lawsuits alleged Wawa was negligent and… Read More »

Who is Liable for Construction Defects?

Litigation involving defective construction includes failed construction projects or deficiencies in the design or engineering of buildings and other construction. When an apartment building has plumbing issues or a bridge collapses, the ensuing litigation involves the practice of real estate law. When a building is constructed improperly, it can be injurious to the people who… Read More »