Real Client Satisfaction

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Loyalty is built on several factors, not the least of which is client satisfaction. In the absence of a complaint, an attorney may mistakenly assume their client is happy.  Regular check-ins with our clients are an integral part of our service model.

As an attorney, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your client in every interaction and communication, especially when it comes to billing (more on that in a later post). Good initial questions include: (1) If there is anything you’d like to change about the services we provide, what would that be? (2) How satisfied are you with the results in this matter or case so far? and (3) How likely are you to refer us to a colleague, friend or family member?  Focusing only on the one or two stakeholders is a mistake: make sure you ask anyone who has been a significant part of the matter.

As a client, your attorney should be checking in with you regularly. As attorneys, we must ask our clients about the job we’re doing. The importance of doing so cannot be overstated.