Advantages of Outside General Counsel

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Small and mid-sized businesses are working hard to meet legal requirements and make a profit. Legal expertise is needed on a variety of fronts, from day-to-day operations to addressing issues such as defending against lawsuits or reorganizing the corporate structure.

Most small to mid-sized companies are not able to hire full time in-house counsel. Yet their need for legal expertise remains. Often, upper management tries to perform some of the tasks an in-house counsel would perform, as well as manage the company. This takes a toll on the management and the company as it siphons valuable time away from the core function of running the business.

The best way to meet the legal needs of many companies is for them to hire outside general counsel. The services outside general counsel provides can involve all aspects of running a company. This includes giving advice on compliance with state and federal legal requirements.

General Counsel Focus

Some areas outside general counsel can focus on include:

  • Handling human resources matters, such as civil rights, wage and hour, and occupational safety and health
  • Dealing with employment and personnel issues, including confidentiality agreements and non-compete agreements
  • Addressing intellectual property needs, such as patent clearance opinions, patent applications, and obtaining trademarks, copyrights, and licensing agreements
  • Managing financial issues, including filing U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reports for public companies, capitalization, and debt service
  • Overseeing outside counsel for complex legal matters, such as mergers, acquisitions, or litigation

Benefits of hiring outside general counsel includes the flexibility of using only the legal staff and services you require when you need them. It allows a company to maintain a high degree of confidence that it is making the best efforts to comply with legal requirements while reducing the risk of litigation.

In the event a company does get involved in litigation, outside general counsel can oversee the process of selecting skilled and well reputed litigation specialists. They can monitor and contain spending on these services and can help decide on a settlement or going to court.

Flexibility Is a Bonus

Using outside general counsel provides the best of both worlds. It allows access to experienced and knowledgeable legal advisors on-demand, who will provide proactive advice on satisfying legal requirements and protecting business assets.

At the same time, using outside general counsel avoids having to rely on a single person to try to cover all legal aspects of a business, or having to maintain a full- time team of legal advisors.

Experience Matters

Philadelphia business lawyers at Harty Williams have worked for many companies and have relevant business experience. Harty Williams also has extensive litigation experience and can either oversee outside counsel or directly represent companies in litigation matters.

Philadelphia Business Lawyers at Harty Williams Provide Outside General Counsel and Litigation Services

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