Pennsylvania Attorney General Sues Company for Failure to Keep a Promise

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In November 2018, Verizon Communications Inc. launched a marketing campaign to induce customers to sign up or renew contracts for cell phone, television, and internet services for a two-year term. Customers were promised Amazon echo devices and/or Amazon Prime memberships if they kept their accounts active for at least 31 days. However, when customers tried to redeem the promotional offers after the 31 days, they did not receive the hyperlink from the promotion. After renewing or initiating the contract, the consumers would face a termination fee if they terminated the contract before the two-year period. Customers who tried to inquire about their inability to redeem the offer were forced to call customer hot lines with no resolution to their claims.

Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro filed a lawsuit against Verizon for allegedly failing to deliver consumers incentive that were promised. This alleged failure is a violation of Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection law (UTPCPL). The UTPCPL defines conduct that it deems to be unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices. One of the conducts that it determines to be deceptive or unfair is to engage in bait and switch tactics.

The lawsuit alleges that Verizon failed to uphold its legal responsibility to deliver the promised incentives. The Bureau of Consumer Protection investigates consumer complaints and prosecutes claims in court. In this case, the Bureau has requested the Court for an injunction to stop the marketing campaign by Verizon and pay consumers restitution and penalties. The Bureau has also asked customers to come forward to file complaints. After the lawsuit was filed, several customers have come forward to file complaints with the Bureau.

Verizon officials have allegedly assured customers that they corrected the technical problems associated with the hyperlink. However, customers are still experiencing difficulties redeeming their promotions. The UTPCPL also allows customers to file complaints in the court on their own without the involvement of the Bureau. Philadelphia consumer protection lawyers at the Harty Williams have considerable experience litigating cases involving fraud and deceptive practices, such as the one involved in this case.

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