Outsourced legal counsel brings a valuable outsider’s perspective

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Creative solutions to complex business problems often are generated by looking at things from a completely different perspective. That sounds easier than it is in many situations.

Owners, CEOs and other business executives are engrossed in the day-to-day management of their operations. They have definite opinions about broad and long-term business strategies as well as more specific and immediate issues the company may be grappling with. Business leaders frequently lack the ability to step back and consider a different approach, says noted leadership consultant Steven D. Goldstein.

If the challenge involves legal disputes, hiring outside counsel can offer objective but knowledgeable opinions. Outside counsel is not so close to the business overall that its recommendations will be impacted by emotional attachment or a connection to past decisions.

The benefits don’t stop at cost-efficiency

At the same time, outside legal counsel can get to know your business well and help make decisions that reflect your business culture. “Do not assume that because your attorney is not an employee that he or she could not understand the nuances of your business,” states blogger and consultant Leona Zoey. In fact, Zoey adds, the opposite occurs. An experienced business litigation law firm conducts a deep dive into each client, including corporate culture, short- and long-term goals, competitive intelligence and industry trends.

Most businesses enlist outside legal counsel for cost-efficiency purposes. While it’s true that hiring a law firm is cheaper than adding one or more lawyers to your staff, there are other important benefits to working with an outside firm, beginning with focus. If a business hires the right law firm, it can turn legal issues over to the firm’s accomplished team and remain focused on the other aspects of running the business.

Another important benefit that comes with hiring outside counsel is the depth and breadth of experience that a firm can bring to your legal cases. In-house lawyers tend to handle the same types of legal issues over the course of their work. By outsourcing your legal counsel, you can bring in attorneys who have worked on a broader variety of cases in wide range of industries. Their experience in past cases for other clients may prove invaluable to your issue.

Extensive experience in a wide range of cases

At Harty Law Group, our business attorneys have extensive experience in complex, high-stakes litigation for a wide range of companies in Philadelphia, statewide and in New Jersey.