Outsourcing legal services is good business

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Larger companies may have a legal department on staff, but it often makes sense for businesses of all sizes to hire attorneys outside the company. For large companies, outsourcing allows departments to reduce costs or increase flexibility. Smaller companies often have no choice because keeping counsel on staff makes no economic sense.

5 benefits of legal outsourcing

The benefits will vary, but every client enjoys the fact that outside legal help enables CEOs, managers, owners, and decision-makers to focus on running the business. Some other commonly cited advantages include:

  • Cost: Already mentioned above, legal staff are expensive and take up space if the business has an office.
  • Specialization: Attorneys have varying skill sets, so businesses have the comfort of knowing their lawyer is the right person for the job because they know the practice area and understand the full scope of the case.
  • Conflicts of interest: An outside set of eyes can see more objectively and avoid the appearance of irregularity.
  • Compliance: Outsourced legal guidance often better understands the nature of rules and regulations that apply to the business, thus better ensuring that the client addresses any potential legal exposure or compliance issues.
  • Litigation: Many assume that all lawyers go to court, but actually, very few do. A trained litigator can have a significant impact on the outcome of a court case. Hiring a litigator early in the case also sends a strong message to the other side.

Picking the right lawyer

Specialization is essential, but choosing an attorney who is a good match for the client is also smart. Discussing the case, potential strategies and outcomes during initial consultations can help ensure the client finds the right attorney.