You can fight a breach of contract lawsuit

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Smart and savvy businesses weigh various factors before entering into agreements with others. Despite a vigorous vetting process between them, one may accuse the other of breach of contract and take it further by filing a lawsuit seeking damages. Still, the defendant may not be in the wrong just because the plaintiff is unhappy with the deal’s results.

What is a breach of contract?

A breach of contract occurs when one side does not meet the terms of a valid agreement. There are different types of breaches, but two most common types of breaches are:

  • Minor breach: This often involves the breaching party not fulfilling the contract’s exact terms, but the plaintiff still got what they were promised. Common examples include inconveniences like missing a deadline or something that does not significantly impact the plaintiff. The breaching party should still expect payment.
  • Material breach: This involves failing to meet the terms of the deal or receiving something different than what they agreed upon. The plaintiff who did not breach can seek compensation for damages caused by the breach.

Fighting the accusations

Conducting business can be challenging in the best of times, and sometimes defendants can argue that they did not violate the terms of the agreement. Defenses include circumstances beyond their control that impacted their ability to honor the deal. The agreement’s terms may also be impossible to meet, making it unenforceable. If the contract requires illegal actions or products, the plaintiff needs to complete the contract’s terms.

Discuss your issue with a litigator

The circumstances of each dispute are different, as are the contract terms, so discussing the case details with an attorney who regularly handles business litigation here in Pennsylvania is essential. They can provide valuable guidance for achieving the best possible outcome, whether litigating to win the case or finding a fair and equitable alternate solution.